The Honourable Joan Kirner AC

Joan Kirner's legacy is in her message of social justice - a message she delivered passionately, forcefully and meaningfully throughout her life.

Courageous, ceaseless, clever, compassionate - over many years, and in many theatres, The Hon. Joan Kirner AM fought for community, equality and social justice.

Joan Kirner was an Our Community ambassador.

Introducing the 2015 Joan Kirner Social Justice Oration in May 2015, Our Community Group Managing Director Denis Moriarty spoke about Joan's immense impact on Australian community life:

    "She is a campaigner for women, for education, for the environment, and for equality. (A woman) of intellect, passion and who has unending passion for social justice.

    "A woman who always remembers your name even if she's met you only once. It's bizarre how she does it and holds you to your promises, and then adds a few more promises to your list.

    "And Joan has a style that has you simply saying 'Impossible to say no'.

    "When Joan presented this oration herself back in 2012 she finished by urging us all to get angry - 'Get angry and get organised.'

    "That's good advice still. She gave us all some homework. And I think it's worth repeating two of those points today.

    "Two of the things that she set as our homework were - one - to re-state and recommit to your values and secondly, to plan your individual and collective campaign to strengthen social justice in Australia.

    "I want to reissue those challenges on Joan's behalf today."

The Joan Kirner Social Justice Oration

The 2012 Joan Kirner Social Justice Oration was delivered by Joan Kirner herself at the Communities in Control Conference held in Moonee Ponds on Tuesday, May 29, 2012.

The Oration received a standing ovation.

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Hear the audio of the Joan Kirner Social Oration delivered by Joan Kirner herself.

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