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AQA Victoria Ltd


Annual Budget: more than $1,500,000
Number of Paid Staff: more than 100
Number of Volunteers: 21-100
Community Segment: Human Services

Current Board Size: 8-12
Board Meetings (frequency): Every two months
Board Meetings Held: At Night
State where Board Meetings Held: Victoria
Local Government Area: Yarra City Council

Any further information about this vacancy:

AQA Victoria Ltd has 33 years experience in supporting and building the capacity of people whose lives have been disrupted by Spinal Cord Injury and other neuromuscular disabilities. At a time of significant change as a result of reforms in the sector, including the roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, AQA is re-setting all aspects of its Operations, re-imagining our value proposition and strategic direction and reviewing our Governance structures to support that strategy.

We are seeking expressions of interest from people with Financial, Risk Management, Business Development skills to join a Board committed to supporting the transformation of our organisation to realise the opportunities of the emerging environment to benefit our clients and community.               

Role: Treasurer, General Board Member
Area of Expertise Being Sought: Accounting, Business, Fundraising, Marketing & Communications
Targeting: People with Disabilities
Payment: Reimbursement of expenses

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