How to promote your community event for free on the Web

This has been prepared to try and help community groups expand the awareness of their events and functions. If you know of other general websites where people can post their information please send it to Kathy Richardson at and we will add to it.

Need to publicise an event, but have a limited advertising budget?  Newspaper and radio ads can be expensive, however, there are marketing alternatives that won't break your budget - such as advertising on the web.  Various websites can help you advertise your event/conference/media release at no cost.  Firstly, to successfully promote your event, you need to establish what to include in your advertisement.  And secondly, you need to know how to post your event online.  Listed below are the simple steps you will need to achieve free promotion of community events online.  In addition, a list of various websites that provide free advertising services online for community organisations throughout Australia.

The Funding Centre

Australian Capital Territory

Community organisations in the Australian Capital Territory can access to post community events on the web.  The ACT Government provides the Communities Online website for community groups and organisations in the ACT region.

Hence, all decisions regarding inclusion in the Communities Online website, calendar and The Chronicle publication rest with the ACT Government.  To utilise this service, your community group must first register with Communities Online.

Registering your group with Communities Online will permit users to find your online information quickly and easily.  In order to register, your group must have a website available for Communities online to link to your event.  Once you have registered your group with Communities Online, your event will be posted on the Communities Online calendar.  This allows groups and organisations to easily promote and keep track of events, activities and meetings online.  According to the site guidelines, once an event has been registered in the calendar, the information will:
  • be displayed on the Internet in a chronological listing of events;
  • be displayed on Canberra's AUSTOUCH kiosks in shopping centres, bus interchanges and public places; and
  • be eligible for publication in the weekly community announcements (WOTZON) in The Chronicle.
So how do you establish if your group is eligible to post events on Communities Online?

Consistent with the site guidelines, a community group is eligible if it contributes to the cultural, social, educational and/or recreational interests of the ACT community.  Groups/organisations that charge a membership fee or entry fee for organised activities are eligible to register with Communities Online.  Likewise, groups that charge services for profit are also suited to register, however, must indicate that they are a 'FOR PROFIT' group in their register description.  The Communities Online facilities are intended for use by anyone in the community and therefore, all content must conform to a standard that is "family friendly".
If your group fits into one of the following categories below, you may register and utilise the Community Online service.

  • Association
  • Business
  • Charity
  • Club
  • Common Interest
  • Community service
  • Educational
  • Entertainment
  • Sport
  • Government
  • Health or medical
  • Markets
  • Museum and Heritage
  • Religious
  • Retail
  • Society
  • Support service

To register your group simply go to and click on the 'Register Your Group' link under the 'Administration' heading on the left hand side column of the site.  Complete pages one to three of the online application form.  All fields marked with a red asterisk are compulsory.  Once you have registered, your group will be able to post upcoming events in the ACT on Communities Online Calendar.  All events or any detail changes on the Community Online calendar are sent to the ACT government to check for suitability.  If the information meets the eligibility criteria it will be placed on the Community Online Calendar.  This will usually take one working day after the entry is made.  Selected event information will also be published weekly in The Chronicle.  To be included in the Chronicle, your event details must be submitted no later than close of business on the Wednesday in the week prior to the start of the event.

ABC listing

The ABC runs a Rural Events Diary on the ABC Rural website. To get your event listed, go to the login page.

New South Wales

If you live  in New South Wales, government organisations such as provide free online advertising for events, workshops, conferences, announcements, new publications and new services.  The Communitybuilders site offers an interactive way for communities in the New South Wales to access information about what's on, in order to make communities and businesses stronger, healthier and more successful.

To promote your event on this site simply go to and click on the 'publish your news or event' button near the bottom of screen and then follow the prompts.

ABC listing

The ABC runs a Rural Events Diary on the ABC Rural website. To get your event listed, go to the log in page.

Our Community Matters

Northern Territory

ABC listing

The ABC runs a Rural Events Diary on the ABC Rural website. To get your event listed, go to the log in page.


ABC listing

The ABC runs a Rural Events Diary on the ABC Rural website. To get your event listed, go to the log in page.

South Australia

Communities in South Australia can utilise Eventful, South Australia's free events website, to publicise their event for free on the web. Go to and click on Add an event to register your event. To access Eventful and add events you are required to create an account, which is free and easy. To do so simply click 'Join Now' above the log in tab and follow the links.

ABC listing

The ABC runs a Rural Events Diary on the ABC Rural website. To get your event listed, go to the log in page.


Community organisations can list their upcoming events for free on the Tasmanian Events Calendar, which is managed by Tourism Tasmania.

Event information is provided directly to the community through Tourism Tasmania's website and indirectly via XML data feed to several other regional and local government websites, including several local council websites and the state's 66 Online Access Centres online community calendars.

Events can be one-off or recurring and event information is easily updated via a web interface. Visit the registration page to register as an event organiser.

Several radio stations offer online community notice boards and some run announcements for Tasmanian non-profit organisations.

  • HOFM in Hobart runs an online noticeboard for school fairs, exhibitions and charity events. E-mail details to
  • Macquarie Regional Radioworks, which own a number of popular regional FM and AM stations across the state, run a Community Switchboard, with events entered online via their website (see: and enter your state and any station. Then click on "Community" in the main tab and follow the links to join Community Connect.).
  • The ABC runs a Rural Events Diary on the ABC Rural website. To get your event listed, go to


ABC listing

The ABC runs a Rural Events Diary on the ABC Rural website. To get your event listed, go to the log in page.

RRR radio

Melbourne community radio station RRR operates a web-based Community Events listing.
Find out more at


VicEvents is a mobile phone application on both Android and Apple smart phones and tablets. The program allows you to list your event for free and can be accessed by anybody. The application allows users to search for events and then read information on the ones they are interested in. To list your event download the app and choose the "suggest an event" option. Read the event guidelines, then fill in the online form and click 'submit'. For more information click here.

Western Australia

ABC listing

The ABC runs a Rural Events Diary on the ABC Rural website. To get your event listed, go to the log in page.


The National Calendar

The National Calendar offers free listings for events that are statewide, national or international in reach. The website has hundreds of entries and is quick and easy to use. Click here to add an event.

My Life in Oz

My Life in Oz provides users with a free medium to advertise their group and events. Under the 'Link Up' option you can provide the basic details of your event for free, and for $10 per month you can also provide a description and online contact details. Hint: if you want to skip the fee, we suggest you insert a link to your website in the name or location options.

Wots going on?

Wots going on? Is a free smartphone application that offers mobile advertising for local events. It is a free service for Not for Profit organisations, and free to users. This new technology allows mobile users to find your event wherever they might be. To register visit the Wots going on? Website and click on the orange 'register' button in the top right hand corner.

Leisure Daily

Leisure Daily is a site run by Leisure Media, which allows free advertising of events. To do so simply fill in your details on their application form.


EventFinda is another site which allows advertising of events. It's simple and free, and here's how to create a listing.

**If you know of any other general websites (not specific interest sites) where groups can post events and news details, please contact Kathy Richardson at and we will add to this list.**

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