A directory of every Australian Community Radio and Television Station.

A directory of every Australian Community Radio and Television Station.

We have covered in a number of our Free Help Sheets, advice on marketing your special events, achievements or projects through the media, both commercial and community stations.

As an added resource we have linked through to the Community Broadcasting Sector's website which contains a search facility to help you find community broadcasters

While not all community stations run a format where community news and views are aired, we encourage groups to check with your local broadcaster to see if you are able to do an interview or at the least, supply a media release for inclusion in programs or as a snippet in the news services.

Many stations also provide times for budding broadcasters to host their own segments or program but normally to people who are involved as volunteers at the station. Having a regular spot or segment on community radio takes a fair bit of commitment, expertise and planning but it is certainly worth getting involved with your local community radio station.

The other important thing is that if you do have a regular spot or there is a presenter who regularly provides an update on your group's activities make sure you alert your membership to it so they can support both your group - and the station itself.

CB Online is a great resource for accessing community broadcasters who cover your geographical or interest area.

For more information on community radio you can also visit the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia at www.cbaa.org.au or the Community Broadcasting Foundation at www.cbf.com.au.