How to Find Money Fast

50 Great Fundraising Ideas for your Community Group or School

Choose from the top 50 fundraising ideas to raise up to $5000 quickly!

A guide to help schools, community and non-profit groups come up with innovative ideas to raise money in an increasingly tough market.

Includes plenty of tips and advice to boost your current fundraising initiatives as well as a chapter devoted to helping groups establish a balanced and integrated fundraising strategy and a valuable 101-point special events checklist.

The ideas in this Guide will take the time and worry out of fundraising!


Topics covered in this book:

  1. Forward
  2. Introduction
  3. Elements to consider when deciding on fundraising ideas
  4. Legal requirements for fundraising
  5. 50 Bright ideas such as
    • collecting celebrity items for action
    • special events functions
    • membership categories
    • it even looks at how groups can benefit from having local identities spend a day in jail!