The Complete Schools Fundraising Handbook

How to make the most money ever for your school, pre-school or kindergarten

The Complete Schools Fundraising Handbook takes readers through the Six Pillars of Raising Funds - donations; grants; community-business partnerships; alumni; special events; and earned income - showing how each and every one of them can be used to bring in valuable funds.

What's inside?

  • The Our Community Fundraising Formula
  • Laying the Foundations
    • Recognising your assets
    • The Fundraising Committee
    • The Fundraising Action Plan
    • Volunteers
    • The Marketing Plan
    • Fundraising ethics
    • The database
    • Building relationships
    • Learning to sell yourself
  • The First Pillar: Special Events
    • Are you really ready for a special event?
    • The importance of budgeting
    • Planning for risk
    • Building on your event
    • Marketing your special event
    • Money for nothing
    • Joining and piggybacking
  • The Second Pillar: Earned Income
    • Charging for what you have
    • Selling your services - "affinity marketing"
    • Sales to the public
  • The Third Pillar: Grants
    • Finding the right grant
    • Which one do I go for?
    • Writing a winning application
    • Reporting
    • Maintaining the relationship
  • The Fourth Pillar: Community-Business Partnerships
    • CSR and CRM
    • Finding a partnership
    • Narrowing down the list
    • Making the approach
    • Starting the partnership
    • Building on your partnership
    • Partnership checklist
  • The Fifth Pillar: Alumni / Friends
    • Who are your alumni?
    • Why keep in touch?
    • Getting started
    • Finding your alumni
    • How to maintain the database
    • How to engage your alumni community
    • Alumni communities in action
  • The Sixth Pillar: Donations
    • Major gifts
    • Direct appeals
    • Online donations
    • Planned giving
    • Bequests
    • One-off donations
    • Saying thanks
  • Post Script - Ask and Ye Shall Receive

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