"Lots of new and useful information, significant in content, relevant, engaging and useful. Thank you."

"The presentation was excellent, easy to follow, (Andrew is a) friendly, low key-presenter, genuine - thank you."

"Patrick is without doubt the best facilitator and presenter I have experienced in over 25 years of being in management. He was informative, intelligent, interesting, topical, encouraged participation and overall a very sharp presenter."

"Good to look at the concept of overall project - big picture in relation to fundraising/grant submission etc. Natalie is an excellent facilitator."

"The training broadened our ideas of what to consider for completing applications, not over our heads. Good paperwork to take home, I am so happy I was able to attend. Thank you, Cindy."

"Please pass my thanks on to Kate for the great presentation she hosted for us … She is a great lady."

"Thought the presenter Natalie was great, very knowledgeable and used very relevant examples - really enjoyable session."

"The actual examples were of most value. I have attended other workshops before but they were not based on actual examples like this."

"The presenter (Cindy Baker) was confident and has an in depth knowledge of the topic."

"Natalie has so much information to share and gives passionately. Would like it to be longer to get even more of her wisdom."

"Thanks Cindy, the subject was covered extensively. As a new Management Committee, we have never applied for grants. I personally now feel very positive about our future!"

"The seminar was excellent: Patrick was an engaging presenter (and I appreciated his injections of humour). The information provided was usefully practical and great value for money. I would certainly recommend it to others."

"Everything was valuable. As a newcomer to this topic I found it extremely helpful, simple to follow and I now know exactly what I need to do to move my idea forward. Thank you, Cindy."

"Yesterday went exceptionally well. From all of the feedback that I got from people, they were extremely happy. I got the feeling that it exceeded many people's expectations, which is awesome."

"Thanks. Natalie was an excellent trainer - Great handouts!"

"I was very impressed by your knowledge of the community sector and your enthusiasm to assist all participants at the seminar."

"Thank you for an excellent grants writing workshop in Townsville. Your presentation was very informative, and was well-received by all who attended. You obviously have a very thorough knowledge of the secrets of successful grants writing. More importantly, you can convey this information in simple, practical terms that audiences can easily understand and adopt."

"There is one thing to have passion ... however, knowledge, skills and confidence is also needed to be a grant writer. Very Informative, new understanding and new desire to learn more - thank you."

"Information was invaluable, thanks Natalie."