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Tactics for mobilising and developing grass roots action

An advocacy campaign is nothing without support from some quarter. For most campaigns this means support from the ground up - broad community support - and so you'll need to engage in exercises that provide an opportunity for people to get involved. This will raise awareness of your issue and generate debate that you hope will influence decision-makers.

The Tactics

Even if you only need a small handful of people to do the work (as with lobbying, for example), you need the backing of large numbers to give your cause legitimacy. In grassroots campaigns, sheer numbers are often the most powerful tool you can evoke.

Tactics for mobilising people are as limitless as the imagination. Try to be as creative as you can so that your operations stand out (this can also help to attract media attention).

Shock tactics may alienate people, or may affect them deeply. You'll need to be careful. On the other hand, fun tactics will often engage a wide variety of people.

Below is a list of the most common tactics employed by advocacy groups. Don't feel limited by what is here - they're just suggestions, don't be afraid to mix and match them. You will also probably employ different tactics at different stages of your campaign depending on your needs. It is rare that one tactic on its own will be effective.

There are countless different methods you can employ in order to make a point. Whichever methods you choose will depend on what's appropriate for your cause and who your target audience is.

Seize upon any public event to promote your campaign or publicise future events through leaflets, merchandising, and collection of donations and signatures.

Remember also that you want to make a statement - loudly. If no one hears it, what's the point? Media coverage is essential. See our Marketing Media and Post Centre for details on how to use the media to sell your message.

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