Resource Centre - Help Sheets

Welcome to the Resource Centre for the Boards, Committees & Governance Centre, where you can obtain a wealth of free information, tips and advice to help you Build a Better Board, Be a Better Board Member and Find a Board Position.

We have developed a series of practical, no-nonsense help sheets for community group Board members (and others who work with these Boards), which will step you through all of the things you need to know and do in order to prepare for a new Board role, improve yourself as a Board member, or ensure your Board is functioning effectively.

The help sheets are not the complete guide to governance but they do provide a great starting point for people wanting to join or improve a community group Board or Committee.

To help you easily find the information you need, we have divided the help sheets into 10 parts :

Part 1 - Board Basics Part 2 - Board Building Part 3 - Better Boards Part 4 - Board Structures Part 5 - Troubleshooting Part 6 - Better Members Part 7 - Board Responsibilities Part 8 - Strategic Planning Part 9 - Board Business Part 10 - Board-staff-volunteers

Keep an eye on the Resource Centre as we will be adding more help sheets each week to this ever-expanding resource centre. Click here for a full list of all of the help sheets in the Boards Centre. Click here to go the Policy Bank, where you will find dozens of free template policies you can adopt and adapt for your organisation.

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