Our Community's Scheduled Training

Our Community has developed a suite of affordable, practical training to help community sector staff, volunteers and supporters keep abreast of their responsibilities and learn how to lift their organisation from ordinary to extraordinary.

All training is delivered by experienced, engaging community sector practitioners, and has been road-tested in the field to guarantee its relevance and applicability at the coalface.

Click the links below to find out more about each of the training opportunities available, or to make a booking.

Click here for the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) about our training.

Please Note:

  • Grantmaking Training: If you are looking for information about the Australian Institute of Grants Management's grantmaking training, please follow this link.
  • Boards/Governance Training: More detailed information about the Institute of Community Directors Australia's boards/governance training is available on the Community Directors website.


Scheduled Training Opportunities:

2018 Masterclass Training: SmartyGrants Details...

Location Dates  
Brisbane MasterClass 21 March Cancelled

2018 SmartyClass: 'Round Closed! Whats Next?' Details...

Location Dates  
There are no sessions scheduled at the moment.

2018 SmartyClass: 'The Beginning' Details...

Location Dates  
There are no sessions scheduled at the moment.

Australia Council Arts Governance Program Details...

Location Dates  
There are no sessions scheduled at the moment.

Diploma of Business (Governance) BSB50715 Details...

Location Dates  
Brisbane Course B1901 4 February Available Now
Melbourne Course M1902 25 February Available Now
Perth Course P1901 25 February Available Now
Canberra Course C1901 4 March Available Now
Sydney Course S1902 11 March Available Now
Exmouth Course E1901 11 March Available Now
Brisbane Course B1902 25 March Available Now
Townsville Course T1901 25 March Available Now
Melbourne Course M1903 1 April Available Now
Adelaide Course A1901 1 April Available Now
Perth Course P1902 8 April Available Now
Alice Springs Course AS1901 15 April Available Now
Darwin Course D1901 7 May Available Now
Brisbane Course B1903 13 May Available Now
Perth Course P1903 20 May Available Now
Sydney Course S1903 20 May Available Now
Melbourne Course M1904 27 May Available Now
Melbourne Course M1905 1 July Available Now
Sydney Course S1904 15 July Available Now
Brisbane Course B1904 22 July Available Now
Melbourne Course M1906 29 July Available Now
Perth Course P1904 29 July Available Now
Canberra Course C1902 5 August Available Now
Hobart Course H1901 12 August Available Now
Melbourne Course M1907 2 September Available Now
Perth Course P1905 9 September Available Now
Sydney Course S1905 9 September Available Now
Brisbane Course B1905 16 September Available Now
Melbourne Course M1908 28 October Available Now
Sydney Course S1906 28 October Available Now
Brisbane Course B1906 4 November Available Now
Perth Course P1906 11 November Available Now

Not-for-Profit finances for managers and board members Details...

Location Dates  
There are no sessions scheduled at the moment.