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Our Community news

Our Community News

PODCAST: NFPs, why it's time to get out of your comfort zone

Young entrepreneur Holly Ransom says being a small organisation doesn't mean you can't be behind a big impact, if you know how to make change happen. (From the latest edition of Board Builder)

HACK ATTACK: Cyber threat won't leave not-for-profits unscathed

Ransomware attacks that have swept the globe won't avoid not-for-profit organisations. Here's what you can do to prepare.

TAX CHANGES: Federal reforms have NFP advocates in the gun

NOT-for-profit groups eligible for tax deductible donations face a significant shakeup following the release of a Federal Government discussion paper on "reform opportunities". (Comment on the submission by July 14)

Our response: Turnbull's tax whack hobbles community

SHOCK MOVE: Why charity chief deserves more time

The shock decision to remove the head of Australia's independent not-for-profit and charity regulator has sparked concern across the sector, with Our Community among concerned signatories to a letter to the Prime Minister.

OUR CONFERENCE: Community urged not to accept the status quo

IF there was one underlying message to the thousand-strong throng at this year's two-day Communities in Control conference, it's that community leaders should raise their expectations about what's possible, because there's no rule that says you have to accept the way things are.

KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Denton's challenge a matter of life and death

MEDIA identity turned assisted dying campaigner Andrew Denton says a cabal of mostly men in the Catholic Church and medical fraternities are doing their best to crush popular support for euthanasia laws.

OPINION: Federal budget 2017-18

As the not-for-profit sector grows, so must its powers of persuasion, writes Our Community group managing director Denis Moriarty.

FEDERAL BUDGET 2017-18: What it means for not-for-profits

We've combed the budget papers for spending that will affect not-for-profits and community groups. Here's what we found.

MAY BOARD BUILDER: Hot topics for the sector

The post-conference edition of Board Builder is a bumper edition full of the most useful solutions to the big issues facing boards gleaned from our recent gathering of grassroots members and experts. Download it now.

BACK TO BASICS: Ten tips to keep your group compliant

Our Community has come up with this hit list of ways to ensure your group remains on the straight and narrow from the dangers of late reports to knowing who is really responsible.

TIME WASTER: Grant survey shock a wake-up call for not-for-profits

Billions of dollars in grants are disbursed in Australia each year, yet grantseekers are spending precious time applying for funding they'll never get, with new figures revealing least 54% of applicants have pulled out of a grant application before finishing it.

ART OF THE DECISION: Good governance a foundation for great art

If you're a leader in an arts organisation, you'll be interested in this series of workshops and free webinars tailored for the sector by Our Community's Institute of Community Directors Australia (ICDA) and the Australia Council for the Arts. The council identified gaps in governance, and the new courses will help organisations build stronger structures and better processes.

NEW STRATEGY: Money-making for not-for-profits

Making a profit and doing good were once considered mutually exclusive, particularly by not-for-profits. But things are changing as social enterprises, which aim to sustain their mission by trading for profit, continue to sprout across the globe.

PODCAST: Data for beginners

In this episode, Our Community executive director Kathy Richardson speaks with US data scientist Andrew Means about how not-for-profit groups can get started in harnessing the opportunities of data, while avoiding the risks.

FUTURE SHOCK: The Trump effect on not-for-profits

Even as the "Donald Trump effect" continues to sweep the world, not-for-profits are acutely aware they could be in for a rough ride following the election of the maverick ex-reality star. Here's what not-for-profit delegates were saying at our Board Builder conference.

FIRST PERSON: Five roles every not-for-profit needs

Google employs "Geniuses" instead of programmers, and the Our Community office boasts a "Chaos Controller" and a "Thinker-in-Residence", with one of her friends - a full-time mum - referring to herself as "Household CEO", it got our social media whizz Alex McMillan thinking about job titles in the not-for-profit world.

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