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Our Community news

Our Community News

Grant survey shock a wake-up call for not-for-profits

Billions of dollars in grants are disbursed in Australia each year, yet grantseekers are spending precious time applying for funding they'll never get, with new figures revealing least 54% of applicants have pulled out of a grant application before finishing it.

End-of-life options: the personal is political

At the forthcoming Communities in Control conference, Andrew Denton will deliver the 2017 Joan Kirner Social Justice Oration, in conversation with Virginia Trioli, on the topic of options at the end of life. Our Community's Denis Moriarty couldn't be more pleased.

Good governance is a firm foundation for great art

If you're a leader in an arts organisation, you'll be interested in this series of workshops and free webinars - starting on May 2 - tailored for the sector by Our Community's Institute of Community Directors Australia (ICDA) and the Australia Council for the Arts. The council had identified gaps in governance, and the new courses are set to help organisations thrive on the back of stronger structures and better processes. Tap here for details. 

Data for beginners

In this episode, Our Community executive director Kathy Richardson speaks with US data scientist Andrew Means about how not-for-profit groups can get started in harnessing the opportunities of data, while avoiding the risks.

Taking on the old guard

It's a leadership scenario many community organisations have faced: new-generation aspirant challenges long-time incumbent for the top job. And it's happening now at the Australian Olympic Committee. Ahead of the board's vote on May 6, Our Community's Matthew Schulz asked Ms Roche what mission-focused organisations could learn from her experience.

The Trump effect on not-for-profits

Even as the "Donald Trump effect" continues to sweep the world, not-for-profits are acutely aware they could be in for a rough ride following the election of the maverick ex-reality star. Here's what not-for-profit delegates were saying at our Board Builder conference.

Five roles every not-for-profit needs

Google employs "Geniuses" instead of programmers, and the Our Community office boasts a "Chaos Controller" and a "Thinker-in-Residence", with one of her friends - a full-time mum - referring to herself as "Household CEO", it got our social media whizz Alex McMillan thinking about job titles in the not-for-profit world.

Social enterprise edition

Social enterprises are becoming more common in Australia, but what are the lessons for not-for-profits? A good place to start is with Our Community founder Denis Moriarty, whose work as a social entrepreneur has shown the way for many others.

Radical grants get great results for grassroots groups

Having trouble winning grants? Then how do grants with no eligibility criteria and no closing date grab you?

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