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TRAINING: Get back on track with directors' fest

The Institute of Community Directors Australia will host the third Festival of Community Directors in 2021 with an all-new training calendar to help your organisation's board to flourish.

GREAT TIPS: Top treasurers reveal their COVID survival plans

Australia's best community treasurers say riding out the tough times requires the kind of creative accounting that won't get you into trouble. Here's their top tips for thriving in a difficult environment.

COMMENT: How's this for a Christmas giving idea?

In his latest commentary in regional and rural newspapers across the country, Our Community's Denis Moriarty suggests that this festive season we might all think differently about Father Christmas as a role model.

CAMPAIGNS: June's story why we should support Giving Tuesday

Most people are quite ready to give to those in need. It's not just that they're unselfish: the evidence is that giving makes you happier and improves your mental health, so even selfish people might want to indulge in a little philanthropy from time to time. And the people who already donate would probably be even happier if they gave a little more, writes Denis Moriarty.

CONFERENCE: Communities in Control kickstarts a better 2021

Australia's most important community conference went digital - of course, but how did it all go? Watch the video highlights and read our in-depth report of a lively affair featuring 17 of the brightest minds, talents and activists with great lessons for the NFP sector. We suggest pencilling in 17-18 May 2021 as a must-see event!

COMMENT: With Communities in Control, Australia is better off

Our Community's Denis Moriarty reveals his passion for the event that's at the heart of his social enterprise in his latest comment, which also appears in regional and rural newspapers.

NEWS: Accolades to Innovation Lab in not-for-profit tech awards

Our Community's Innovation Lab has taken out top honours in its category in the Connecting Up Australian Not-for-Profit Technology Awards for its work helping organisations to become more data-driven.

GENEROSITY: Aussie groups getting on board Giving Tuesday

Not-for-profits are invited to take a closer look at a global giving campaign as it wins a fast-growing following in Australia.

POLICY: Why you need to download this free privacy policy

We explains why NFPs need to address the data and privacy threats, how to meet the rules and regulations and your weakest links. This free policy will help!

HELP: How to take your AGM online

AGMs are essential business. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you make yours happen smoothly with guidance, tech help and case studies.

STUDY: NFPs face tech struggle during pandemic

A study of nearly 500 not-for-profits in Australia and New Zealand reveals 70% of groups have not had sufficient technology to allow staff to work from home during the pandemic. Here's a few tips to make life easier.

BUDGET: Where's the money for NFPs?

Where's the cash for your organisation? The Funding Centre has pored over the federal budget to find out what's in it for the NFP sector.

FREE GUIDE: Fundraising in the era of COVID-19

That's why Wendy Brooks & Partners (with Our Community and KCI Philanthropy) have just released a free 32-page guide to those changes. The Big Rethink: Fundraising in the era of COVID-19 reveals how you can plan, learn, adjust, and keep the momentum going with your fundraising.

FIX FUNDRAISING: Time for govt to "get off its @r$e"

Our Community has described recommendations designed to slash Australia's fundraising red tape burden as "a national disgrace" and "a tawdry exercise in public policy at its worst".

HELP SHEET: Build great relationships with funders

Organisations that invest in building strong relationships with donors - including foundations and grantmakers - are the most successful fundraisers. Here's how careful research, great communication, thoughtful strategy and collaboration will pay dividends.

ACNC: Fundraisers must tell their stories better

Organisations that invest in building strong relationships with donors - including foundations and grantmakers - are the most successful fundraisers. Here's how careful research, great communication, thoughtful strategy and collaboration will pay dividends.

EVENTS: LGBITQ+ groups flick fundraising switch to disco

Here's how the GiveOUT event aims to "grow the pot of gold under the rainbow and changing the way Australians experience gender and sexuality - for the better".

FUNDRAISING: World-first 'Donation Dollar' a huge charity boost

The world's first $1 coin designed to spark greater generosity is set to transform donations in Australia. Here's how to get involved and how to watch a free webinar.

COMMENT: Who is helping the groups supporting communities?

Our Community's Denis Moriarty suggests that what Australian not-for-profit organisations need most "is not to be taken for granted". As he says: "Think seriously about what the country would lose if they weren't there, and what it's worth doing to keep them afloat".

ADVICE: Top NFP thinkers lay out your pandemic priorities

The search is on for Australia's best community treasurers, with this year's competition seeking financial thinkers who've helped their organisation adapt in a time of crisis. Here's what one of last year's winners learnt.

AWARDS: Clever treasurer kicks goals with $5000 prize

The search is on for Australia's best community treasurers, with this year's competition seeking financial thinkers who've helped their organisation adapt in a time of crisis. Here's what one of last year's winners learnt.

NEWS: Community connectors could help COVID-19 battle

Want to get in touch with hard-to-reach groups? Help could be at hand with a special group of people known as "community connectors".

NEWS: Our data scientist a shining star for women

Our Community Innovation Lab data scientist and former astrophysicist Paola Oliva-Altamirano has been selected for a prestigious leadership program.

RESOURCES: Damn Good Advice for a COVID-19-safe workplace

We've released some "damn good advice on creating a #COVID19 safe workplace" ... so that's what we called our 44-page NFP guide! Download the FREE resource with the checklists you'll need.

COMMENT: How to build hope in a post-COVID world

Building hope couldn't be more important during COVID-19 and one of the best ways to do that is to join a community organisation writes group managing director Denis Moriarty in his latest commentary

COVID LATEST: Read our sector news blog

Stay in touch with news and information on government assistance and advocacy for the community sector during the COVID-19 crisis, frequently updated.

GUIDANCE: Sector experts give you the top priorities

In this essential reading, the members of the Community Directors Council reveal the actions your group must take to survive COVID-19.

STUDY: Our research reveals pandemic threat to 230,000 groups

Seventy percent of Australia's sporting clubs, arts and cultural organisations, community groups, welfare services and youth services have described themselves as "threatened" by COVID our national survey reveals.

UPSKILL: NFP Governance Diploma goes fully online

Australia's best qualification for not-for-profit leaders just got better. As workers amp up their internet connections and improve their home offices in response to the pandemic, the Institute of Community Directors Australia (ICDA) has rebuilt its training to suit the times, and now delivers its premier course to people's homes.

DIPLOMA: Remote learning a bonus for students in the bush

For the very first time, students from far-flung corners of Australia are now able to study with ICDA without travelling to a big centre. Read about Eloise Page, one of the first regional students set to start the Diploma of Governance in its new online format.

FREE: Pandemic policy to help you manage the virus crisis

We have worked with NFP legal experts Moores to draft an epidemic/pandemic policy that's fit-for-purpose for organisations to address COVID-19, but also to deploy in any future threats. We hope you find it useful.

AGONY UNCLE: How do we make the most of this lockdown?

With so many organisations forced to suspend normal operations, Our Community's Agony Uncle Chris Borthwick explains how you can use the time to get on top of your "housekeeping".

COMMENT: Virus shows us social change can happen, now

We go through life, all of us, thinking that the world around us is stable, fixed and reliable. And then something picks the world up and shakes it, and we realise how many of the things we've treated as iron laws of destiny are actually no more than guidelines, or convenient mass delusions, writes Our Community's group managing director, Denis Moriarty.

GIVING: How to give during the COVID-19 crisis

This crisis may drag on for many months; the ramifications may be felt for years. It may help you feel less guilty about your good fortune, more in control and more comfortable about giving if you have a strategy for it.

AGONY UNCLE: Should we still be planning?

Our Community's agony uncle Chris Borthwick ponders whether community organisations should continue planning for events throughout the COVID-19 crisis, or if they should cancel them all together.

FUNDING: Assistance for organisations affected by COVID-19

Information about financial assistance available to not-for-profit organisations and community groups affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Check frequently for updates.

SUPPORT: Help organisations affected by COVID-19

As the world responds to the rapidly evolving challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis, many not-for-profits need your support. Click here to find a list of organisations calling for help.

ISOLATION: Twelve ways to stay playful

Making time for play is more important now than ever. Hear from Daniel Teitelbaum about 12 ways you might stay happy, healthy and connected in isolation.

SOS: Our Community launches campaign to combat COVID-19

One of Australia's leading support organisations for the country's 600,000 not-for-profits has promised to do whatever it takes to ensure the sector survives the COVID-19 crisis.

HELP: Leading community org calls on govt to do more for sector

In letters to the Prime Minister and Treasurer, the Community Council for Australia has outlined seven critical actions the government must take to protect the sector and enable it to continue to respond to the pandemic. Find out more here.

INDUSTRY STUDY: Facebook fundraising spikes after bushfires

A national study of fundraising trends during Australia's bushfire crisis has highlighted the new power of social media, high profile partnerships, and the desire for a single national organisation to collect money for all charities.

COMMENT: Why we need to appoint a no-bullshit council

Our Community's group managing director dreams of the creation of a council that helps us to just get on with it.

COMMENT: Aussie citizenship test - it's just not cricket

Our Community's group managing director Denis Moriarty proposes a revamping of the Australian citizenship test to better reflect what it means to be an Australian.

TOP TIPS: Creating an effective code of conduct

Click here for Moores' top tips for organisations to consider when creating or reviewing a code of conduct.

FESTIVAL: Cracker calendar built on governance insights

The 2020 Festival of Community Directors - a year-long celebration of community governance - has kicked off with a packed calendar of professional development opportunities for not-for-profit leaders.

BUSHFIRES: Celeste Barber's $51m fundraiser: it's complicated

The complications encountered by comedian Celeste Barber's massively successful bushfire fundraiser are an example of what can happen when good intentions collide with the legal concept of charitable purpose. Here are two lessons that all charities can learn from the saga.

TRAINING: Scholarship opportunities are fast-tracked

Hundreds of not-for-profit leaders will be given the chance to win a part-scholarship to complete ICDA's acclaimed Diploma of Governance.

FUNDRAISING: More impact for Giving Tuesday campaign

A study of the recent Giving Tuesday campaign (December 3) has shown that more than half of participating organisations nationally tried new and innovative approaches to boost fundraising and donations - and a striking number recorded a spike in giving from new supporters.

TIM COSTELLO: Why not-for-profits are Australia's sleeping giant

Not-for-profits are yet to truly embrace the power they wield, former World Vision chief Tim Costello believes. Reverend Costello has seen time and again the failure of community organisation to stand up for themselves, and he plans to do something about it.

COMMENT: The future is now, and it's hot, dry and undeniably real

Burning off between bushfire seasons can help reduce bushfire intensity, but as climate change bites, the length of time between bushfire seasons is getting shorter every year, and that leaves us hardly any time between the fires to talk about the consequences, writes Our Community's group managing director Denis Moriarty

WHISTLEBLOWING: What NFPs should know about law changes

There's never been a better time for all not-for-profits to review their whistleblower policies and procedures, with new rules now in place. What does this mean for your not-for-profit? | Download your free whistleblowing policy

BUSHFIRE EMERGENCY: How you can help affected communities

Hundreds of charities, not-for-profits and community organisations are doing their bit to counter the effect of Australia's devastating and continuing bushfire emergencies. Here's what you can do.

SECTOR RESEARCH: Good governance crucial for arts community

A detailed study of arts governance published as a joint venture between the Australia Council for the Arts and the Institute of Community Directors Australia (ICDA) has highlighted the biggest issues facing arts leaders when it comes to running their organisations.

COMMENT: Why it's time to rethink our MP numbers

If you count all parliamentarians, state and federal, the ratio of residents-to-member has gone up from 1:5,000 to 1:40,000 since 1901. Has life really got eight times simpler in the intervening 119 years? Are we that much less in need of a voice on our side in the bureaucratic brouhaha? Our Community's group managing director, Denis Moriarty, on why it's time to rethink our MP numbers.

TATTOOED ANGEL: How an app and a community saved a life

Being active in your local community is rewarding and feels good - but it can also save your life. Read the story of Suzi Young's experience with surviving cardiac arrest.

RESEARCH: Not-for-profit 'roadmap' tackles sector's big issues

A landmark study of Australian not-for-profit governance has created the clearest picture yet of an often-misunderstood sector, revealing that organisations are most worried about government relations, funding, demographic changes, workforces, and the difficulties faced by clients. Download the 82-page report

AGONY UNCLE: Unsporting bullies take control of croquet club

Our Community's Agony Uncle, Christ Borthwick, deals advice on dealing with bullies in the board room.

SOCIAL IMPACT: The one gift that keeps on giving

Think Impact's Alischa Ross asks us to pause for a minute in during our orgy of consumption to raise a fundamental question: What does it mean to really give?

AWARDS: Celebrating the sector's unsung heroes

A South Australian woman who advocates for the rights of single mothers, a Victorian organisation that supports people overcoming addiction, and a New South Wales organisation that aims to help reduce the number of Aboriginal people in prisons received top honours at the 2019 HESTA Community Sector Awards.

GIVING GROWING: Hundreds sign up for Giving Tuesday

HUNDREDS of charities and not-for-profits have joined a fast-growing movement that's emerging as a powerful antidote to end-of-year excess, with charity leaders such as Tim Costello praising the 2019 event.

GOOD GOVERNANCE: Why you should trust and verify

The executive director of the Institute of Community Directors Australia, Patrick Moriarty, says one thing every organisation can do to improve the quality of its decisions is to employ the institute's mantra: "Trust and verify".

SECTOR REFORM: Our Community's role in sector blueprint

Community Directors Council chair Susan Pascoe, the former chief of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission, has joined more than 30 other for-purpose leaders to set a new sector agenda.

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